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Phosphorylation Site Details

001 Gene Name (Orf or Gene Name) *

005 Residue ( S T Y ) *


006 Residue Number *

050 Pubmed ID *

007 Experimental Evidence for Phosphorylation (check all that apply) *

Mass Spec Sequencing Of A Phosphopeptide
Mass Determination Of A Phosphopeptide
Phosphopeptide Fingerprint
Shift In Protien Mobility On SDS - PAGE
Loss Of 32P Label From Protien With A Mutation
Recognized By An Anti-phosphopeptide Antibody
Recognized By Anti-pT/pS Antibody
Recognized By Anti-pY Antibody
Mutation Of The Residue Affects Activity
Phosphorylation Of Synthetic Peptide Bearing The Residue
Identity To Known Phosphorylation On Species Orthologue
Loss Of Phosphorylation In Vitro With Mutation
D Or E Substitution Enhances Activity
Edman Degradation Of Peptide
Loss Of Isoelectric Isoform With Mutation
Detected By Phos-Tag Or Pro-diamond Q Phospho-specific Stain

010 Function of the Phosphorylation (check all that apply)

Activates The Protein Function
Inhibits The Protein Function
Target Protein For Degredation
Inhibits A Protein Interaction
Promotes A Protein Interaction
Targets To Nucleus
Excludes Protein From Nucleus
Modifies Interaction With Allosteric Regulator
Required For Protein Function
Inhibits Interaction With Small Molecule Or Ligand
Regulates Subcellular Localization
Increases Protein Stability
Inhibits DNA Binding

032 Condition where Phosphorylation is Specifically Detected (check all that apply)

Response To Glucose
Fermentable Carbon
Heat Shocked Cells
DNA Damage-induced
Response To Phosphate
Amino Acid Starvation
Nitrogen Starvation / Poor Nitrogen
Carbon Starvation / Poor Carbon
Cell Cycle Regulated - G1 Phase
Cell Cycle Regulated - M Phase
Cell Cycle Regulated - S Phase
Cell Cycle Regulated - G2 Phase
Hypotonic Stress
Good Source Of Nitrogen
Oxidative Stress
Phosphorylated During Sporulation
Unfolded Protein Response
Cell Wall Integrity Stress
General Osmotic Stress

Does a mutation of the residue produce a phenotype?

Kinase Details

012 Kinase Catalytic (new line for each)

016 Kinase Subunit (new line for each)


020 Evidence for Kinases (check all that apply)

Protein Kinase Required For Phosphorylation In Vivo
Phosphorylation In Vitro By Protein Kinase
Species Ortholog Phosphorylated By Corresponding Species Protein Kinase
Phosphorylated Residue Within A Defined Consensus
Interaction Demonstrated Between Substrate And Protein Kinase And/or Regulatory Subunit

051 Kinase Evidence Pubmed ID

Phosphatase Details

022 Phosphatase Catalytic (new line for each)

026 Phosphatase Subunit (new line for each)


030 Evidence for Phosphatases (check all that apply)

Protein Phosphatase Genetically Required For Dephosphorylation
Dephosphorylation Of Residue In Vitro By Protein Phosphatase
Species Orthologe Dephosphorylated By Corresponding Species Protein Phosphatase
Interaction Demonstrated Between Substrate And Protein Phosphatase And/or Regulatory Subunit

052 Phosphatase Evidence Pubmed ID

Additional Details

032 Additional Notes

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